Hawai‘i’s Cycles


About Kikaha by Island Air 12 – Spring 2017
Every morning we rise, and reach for the nearest cup of coffee or tea. Every night, the moon appears above us in a fresh shape. Each year, whales return to Hawai‘i waters to mate, give birth, and nurse new life. Our existence manifests cyclically, and time in the islands makes this apparent in the most beautiful ways. This issue explores such cycles in Hawai‘i. Meet women who raise animals that provide fiber for textiles, and farmers who produce local eggs for a healthy Hawai‘i. Learn about Hawaiians reinvigorating native knowledge about lunar cycles. Discover waters warmed by volcanic activity, where lava regularly surfaces and is slowly adding land to the Big Island’s circumference. Then, head out on the roads that traverse our islands and relish the sights that arise.

On the Cover
While alpacas are native to the South American Andes highlands, they also thrive at Ahualoa Alpacas, a 5-acre farm located roughly 2,000 above sea level on the northern slopes of Maunakea.