In Pursuit of the Precipice


About Kikaha by Island Air 06 – Summer 2015
If you are visiting the islands, you may not notice the heat of late summer, which brings about an urge in kama‘āina to siesta or spend every moment in the waves. But another way to escape that heat is to explore the art scene that pervades the islands. From performances by aerial dancers to new, enchanting works by Hawai‘i artists on display at one of the islands’ numerous museums, there is something here for everyone. And art isn’t just what makes it onto a canvas—it is expressed in athletic abandon, in the chemist’s eye for food (or in this case, beer), in the careful curation of new boutiques, and in honoring and expanding upon cultural tradition. In this issue, learn about locals with a passion for creating, and how to get a taste of what they are up to.

On the Cover
Cliff diver Dan Worden plummets 60 feet from a Maui precipice in this shot by adventure photographer Ryan Moss. Together with boulderer Justin Ridgely,  they roamed the Valley Isle in search of steep heights and challenging climbs.