Navigating the Divide


About Kikaha by Island Air 05 – Spring 2015
In Hawai‘i, we welcome the subtle signs of changing seasons—rainy days giving way to warmer nights, mangoes ripening, swells shifting from north to south shores. In this issue, we celebrate that summertime urge to get outdoors, featuring those who inspire us to do so, and the places that are all the more reason to go. From the awe-invoking experience that is Polihale State Park to the shared wisdom of Eseliquipi Plasito, son of master navigator Papa Mau, who is perpetuating the inspirational knowledge of traditional wayfinding, each story shares a different perspective on how life outside is life lived to the fullest.

On the Cover
This photo was shot by Jonas Maon at the launch of the Micronesian sailing canoe Elleen Eoreni, with her captain Eseliquipi Plasito, the son of master navigator Pius Mau Piailug, shown here. The canoe acts as a vessel that strengthens the relationship between Micronesian and Hawaiian communities because it is through voyaging and traditional wayfinding that both cultures have long held common ground.