The Green Issue


About Kikaha by Island Air 04 – Winter 2015
Many people come to Hawai‘i for its world-renowned beaches, entranced by the breathtaking coastlines and pristine ocean. Because of the cerulean beauty of isle waters, it can be easy to forget how spectacular and diverse Hawai‘i’s greenery is as well. In this issue, we feature individuals who are transforming how we interact with the landscape, from a beachside community offering up the bounty of the land; to a chef who forages Hawai‘i’s trails for unexpected edibles; to an artist changing the way we experience a garden. Hawai‘i’s ‘āina continually provides new ways to explore the islands.

On The Cover
This photo was shot by Honolulu-based photographer Meagan Suzuki while foraging in the trails of Mānoa Valley on O‘ahu. Suzuki believes every person and place has a story to tell, and she loves documenting and sharing these stories through photography. Suzuki grew up on O‘ahu immersed in outdoor activities and earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental science before pursuing a career in photography. Merging her passions, she seeks out stories focusing on Hawai‘i and the natural environment.